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Inscrit le: 18 Fév 2008
Messages: 546
Localisation: besançon

MessagePosté le: 05 Juin 17 à 18:33 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

Merci pour votre implication ! Merci a rambo pour le matos sans quoi on aurait pas pu realiser cette journée....
ares j'ai ton pot par contre qui a le mien ? Facil il ya un autocollant avec un !

a moi la puissance du DM9
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Inscrit le: 29 Mai 2014
Messages: 281
Localisation: BESANCON

MessagePosté le: 06 Juin 17 à 08:27 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

Bonne nouvelle, 2 personnes devraient se rapprocher de l'asso. Wink
Je leur ai proposé de passer à l'occasion un dimanche pour découvrir le groupe.
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Site Admin

Inscrit le: 09 Jan 2007
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MessagePosté le: 06 Juin 17 à 12:37 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

Ouaip, moi aussi j'ai passé une super journée !
Bravo à l'orga et à tous les bénévoles, c'était carré et ça roulait bien. Bonne ambiance, super temps...

Pour le côté snack, c'est parfait avec JP. Je re-signe pour le Big-game.
Les gens ont apprécié les vrais steacks de chez Croppet. Les pains sont supers aussi. Pourrait-on en avoir des un peu plus petits pour la prochaine fois ?
Bonne idée les gaufres également.

Fluo des bois
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Inscrit le: 19 Aoû 2015
Messages: 231
Localisation: BONNETAGE

MessagePosté le: 06 Juin 17 à 20:18 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

Pourrait on mettre une personne à l'entré du terrain pour surveiller les gens qui sort sans les bouchon de canon et récupérer les brassard à leurs sortis.
Cela éviterait d'avoir un arbitre près de la porte pour le faire, qui serait plus utile sur le terrain.

Man of mayhem Twisted Evil
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Inscrit le: 07 Déc 2011
Messages: 1383
Localisation: rioz

MessagePosté le: 07 Juin 17 à 12:09 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

Très très bonne journée, on a bien bu et bien mangé Wink
Merci à vous tous Wink

Filip', il ne devrait pas y en avoir besoin pour le big game ,puisque c'est des joueurs équipés ils connaissent théoriquement les règle de sécu Wink

En essayant continuellement on finit par réussir. Donc: plus ça rate, plus on a de chance que ça marche.

Les shadoks
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Inscrit le: 11 Jan 2007
Messages: 530
Localisation: Besançon

MessagePosté le: 08 Juin 17 à 13:37 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

Merci à tout les woods pour cette excellente journée.
Super orga, bon arbitrage et les stands nourriture et boisson nickel !

Les vidéos sont dans la section "Récits, photos et video de nos parties"
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MessagePosté le: 29 Avr 18 à 07:21 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

It hangs on to the cholesterol, not letting it get loose and attach itself to your artery walls. During a rest, the muscles in your foot tighten up because they are not being used. I think since the PL is secured anyways, we NEED a CL centric manager.

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The only reason it affects others is because hospitals place the burden onto others when others had literally nothing to do with someone else ability to pay. I FEEL YOUR PAIN. One of the girls is very beautiful but she doesn't consider this a gift because it keeps attracting unwanted attentions from grown men.

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Wilfred OwenBogle's theme is reminiscent of the poetry of English WWI poet, Wilfred Owen. How you doing? Good, good, good. Yet he is going to be performing at the halftime show at in February the Super And you know it really shows that he has interred different sort of caliber because you've had people like beyonc and And Bruce Springsteen have played the Super Bowl and I think that people initially scratched their heads when Bruno Mars was announces the performer.

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Next time try and put my crosshairs a bit ahead of where I usually do and I should be golden" 1 point submitted 23 hours agoAnd again, this is a game based on teamwork and coordination you need to know what your team is doing. The ELCA decision to allow gay clergy has strained ties between those denominations, some of whom have partnered for relief work.ELCA is a church that belongs to Christ, and there is a place for all here, said church spokeswoman Melissa Ramirez Cooper.

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And there a number of elements that are already 100% width (for example, the top nav of the pause menu) that would have to be functionally reworked (ie, changing the nav to two rows to make the font bigger now requires reworking the controls for navigating 2 rows instead of one).

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U should try it ur like it and they are incorporating clubs in it this year. Unplug, replug and reboot Roku until it works is pretty much the only solution, either that part is cheap or not connected well. I liked that a lot of the questions you asked in the beginning were different from the usual.

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It does a lot with white people being uncomfortable around black people right, like in the "they better not think I racist" way? I actually do want to watch it because of all the praise it has gotten (not really because of the story I told here although I think I get why you made the connection), but I almost always behind when it comes to movies/tv shows.

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Running drills, especially for track and field athletes, and some other sports like soccer, football, and a few others, are an important part of such conditioning. The fact that he played for the expansion Falcons should not diminish his chances as a Hall of Famer..

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Although there are several examples of athletics sportspersons who against all odds have made it to the top, nurture alone cannot account for their success. Problem is, there isn't any of usable quality in their bowls, only the remains and renderings of God knows what..

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It posed as a zero sum situation which I think is really not the case.Now yes the US budget dwarfs most nation but this is for a good reason that has benefits on both a domestic and global level.When the Ebola virus outbreak hit west Africa in 2014, the US government sent 3,000 US troops to help contain and assist the devloping nations of W.

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wholesale football jerseys I also get bored quickly when doing the same fitness routine over and over, so occasionally I'll mix it up by running on dirt trails. They created this evil, and I think we are still missing crucial information about what happened. The 2 people died in the car and it took8 days to pull it out of the water. wholesale football jerseys

I could and probably should run 2 2:30 min slower than my goal marathon pace for during the long runs for example.. Picasso painting with 25,000 owners on show in GenevaIt won hang on the wall in their living rooms, but they own it nonetheless: 25,000 Internet users banded together to buy a Picasso painting, which went on display in Geneva on Friday.

The young girl, after the marriage is arranged and she has gone through the Puberty Ceremony, built her own wickiup (home) with the help of other women in her family. Never want to read w/somebody using "tools". And I was thinking about the Korg G1.

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5 points submitted 1 month agoI had Professor Zhang for Principles II, he is definitely an interesting professor. HE ALSO USES THE PAYMENT FROM HIS WORK TO ADD TO THE BUDGET FOR SAUBER AS THEY WORK TO BECOME ENTRENCHED IN THE 2019 MIDFIELD BATTLE.

cheap jerseys supply I like that we play series and not Bo1s./ The functioning of the leagues is a fucking mess, I can speak too much for Elder and Phoenix as I only participated in a tiny fraction of those games but Dragon League this season was like a high school drama with teams breaking ups, useless hate being thrown around for what are essentially tiny ass problems. cheap jerseys supply

Bullying has to stop! One death because of bullying is one death too many. A really sharp electrode forces the arc outward and then it horseshoes back to the workpiece. You can sort games by genre/tag, you can sort by hours played, can sort/filter by friend owned, you have to use profile scrubbing to even filter one friend games with your own, can do multiple friends either, can go by date of release, purchase date is gone on the library once you play the game one time.

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cheap nhl jerseys In voice language analysis, the following procedure is usually followed by a good transcriber:. I felt like I HAD to play meta champs in a meta comp or else there would be a big disadvantage. Simon Mulongo has explained that the term Gishu was given to them by a Maasai Laibon after the Bamasaaba stole a bull from the Maasai. cheap nba jerseys

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Despite its size and power brick, it was a little out there and at least had some interest to it.? Wow, remember that video from yesterday, that drone going right into the heart of the volcano up in Iceland. More black people have tried to borrow money from me and after refusal I get racial slurs or curse words.

Last year the game was second only to Activision's (ATVI) Call of Duty: Black Ops II with over 5 million copies sold in the United States, according to the NPD Group. Later in its career the Great Eastern would be called an unlucky ship, and part of the reason for this reputation was said to be the speed of construction which was so fast that more than one person was trapped between the double hulls.

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I been writing seriously for almost 20 years, 15 of those professional. The commands for reddit usage are here, including check balance, and withdraw, deposit. Mankiewicz's screenplay about an aging actress (Bette Davis, right) battling a scheming newcomer (Anne Baxter) remains one of the most quotable movies ever almost 65 years after its release.

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It was his fourth big league triple and first since April 22, 2016. Quite fun if you like that sort of thing. So I sent a message to her best friend who I knew would be in the know. And James still makes plenty of money on the court. Oh and I forgot to mention the backup channel on the existing projector displays is analog so that path looks like dvi fibre dvi vga bnc splitter, so unnecessarily complicated and annoying to troubleshoot.

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We swim either underwater or quietly on top of the water until we can strike. There is a negative stigma to being a "couch potato" and since sitting on the couch is physically unhealthy, although playing video games exercises certain parts of the brain..

1) Yeah it not her job to care, her job is to help the thieves be better at it. It doesn look like Bull or Michio Pa will be included, but Drummer might take a bit of both characters, beside also having Sam personal ties to Naomi. Now a player of his profile and caliber could have easily kicked up a fuss.

Aunt Ruth was always deeply appreciative of the role her sister and brother in law played in caring for her children while she was in exile. Well, i do have a Saturn and Mednafen definitely feels way off in comparison, more so that other consoles. Seeing as how I was in advanced classes before I left and graduated at the age of 16, it more believable than the story..

Gundeals was one of the first to go along with gunsforsale. I dont act on them obviously but I still have certain thoughts and feelings upon making a first impression with someone.. The last time Jim's original tombstone was stolen in the mid 1980s, it eventually showed up in the back parking area of a small firestation in Fort Wayne, Indiana (about 60 miles from Fairmount, IN).

Usually, a stripper has a loser ass boyfriend, they tend to be musicians for some reason, that they support because the dude doesn have a job.. We both went into shock, I wasn in the room when the guy came in so I must have run to the neighbour house and called 911, but I don remember any of it my strongest memory of that night is still that my socks were really wet.
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