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Inscrit le: 11 Jan 2007
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Localisation: Besançon

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Ca n'a pas joué dimanche et ça ne joue pas avant 15 jours alors on lance les event woodsball cummunity Wink

Tout au long de la saison nous allons éssayer de vous proposer des évènemement extra paintball toujours dans l'optique de tisser des liens entre joueurs paintball de la région.

Juste apres le classico et alors que l'hiver s'installe doucement, on vous propose un match de foot en salle en 5VS5.

Evenement ouvert à tous.

Chaque participant paye sa place.

RDV à 19h45 pour un coup d'envoi à 20h. Apres le match on boit un canon tous ensemble Wink


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Inscrit le: 18 Fév 2008
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Localisation: besançon

MessagePosté le: 23 Oct 16 à 21:51 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

Yes un petit om/psg ca me tente bien j'en suis!

a moi la puissance du DM9
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Inscrit le: 11 Jan 2007
Messages: 840
Localisation: Besançon

MessagePosté le: 23 Oct 16 à 22:07 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

Présent aussi mais avec le maillot du PSG ^^

Je sens que je vais etre bien seul...

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Inscrit le: 07 Déc 2011
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MessagePosté le: 24 Oct 16 à 09:14 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

bonne idée ; mais sans moi ...(je suis de garde pendant les vacances )

pis le foot c'est un truc pour les pisseux Laughing Laughing Laughing

En essayant continuellement on finit par réussir. Donc: plus ça rate, plus on a de chance que ça marche.

Les shadoks
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Especially when you train and work really hard.. In addition, the speed limit on this road is 45 mph, and everyone seems to hover at 37 mph because they are oblivious and not paying attention. Those are two things that we desperately needed for years.

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Seemingly, the Moche wanted a hideous, angry god who would scare away enemies. The fortification wall of the palace at Tiryns is 20 feet thick.. If you click that link you'll find a wonderful recipe for habanero guacamole and a recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup that is oh so delicious..

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Boycott over the Soviet war in Afghanistan, they also featured an almighty battle between two British middle distance runners. I terrible at getting books back to the library on time, and so I routinely rack up fines, and sometimes even lost book fees, therefore I go long stretches without using the library at all.

It the constant negativity. I choose to be optimistic about the future this way because I stopped listening to poorly crafted ideas about life from people who not only given up but want that for the rest of their environment. 2 points submitted 3 days ago.

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No way. I not sure if he wasn paying attention or just froze when the puck came right at him. It should have chosen to be either an MMO or RPG; not both. I needed a copy and went to Lowes, Ace Hardware, and Home Depot and the keys that they all made me were the same they could open the doors but not start the car..

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In the past the South has had to pay a certain amount, there has always been a price tag for the North's participation," she said.. You'll find with the marigolds growing you'll have far fewer pests trying to mess with your snap peas.. I as straight as you can get, and I hate faggots.

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Hell, I happen to have a paperback copy of it in my room I bought a few months ago. These will raise your blood sugar level drastically, all in a single serving of coffee. There is not a more beautiful collection of memories and history of these peoples than the photography of Curtis, who gave us the historical images of Native Americans from 1900 1930, which he put into a collection of 20 volumes with 300 pages of text and 75 photogravures each.

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For some great natural recipes you can make at home and use along with collagen supplements to keep your skin looking vibrant, I recommend you check out the incredibly popular Naturally Skinsational. It was a fine day's racing all round, and with just three weeks before the next round, battle lines are drawn for the rest of the season..

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He continued to honor the little girl's wish so she could appease the bad spirits.. Below we'll look at the top 5 backpack brands and then the best selling packs that each of them offer. Archaebacteria are prokaryotic, unicellular, and some are autotrophic while others are heterotrophic.

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Is that a good team/is that or something else I have capable (with more investment) of taking on rogues? I farm Dios skill ups from coins today and his dungeon whenever he comes back.. After lunch, the Queen had asked her royal guest whether he would like a tour of the estate.

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Read discuss James 4:10. Furthermore, i is humiliating to have to ask for money. Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. There is controversy swirling around why some students didn't take the test in 2017. It looks the same from different angles because of the design.

cheap mlb jerseys Barbie Video Girl is a working video camera that records video footage as Barbie would see things, which can then be played back. There are a couple abandoned bridges there which no longer host vehical traffic and people fish from them. I add to the list as I go along. cheap mlb jerseys

The board of trustees ultimately agreed to make good on the full package anyhow, and in April paid what was owed to the Paternos. We always trying to do a little bit better. Rama was aggrieved by the separation of Sita. Perhaps it was all an act for us because nothing changed.

The rewards of travel are numerous, but it not financially prudent to travel when I might need that money to keep me off the street 6 months from now. If you aren completely turned off by vit c then try again and that will give you more information about how you react to vitamin c (or a least that version of it, it can be derived multiple ways).TL;DR I realized it was the solution because of a gross, abnormal breakout.

cheap authentic jerseys Elderly however. The ANC said it would investigate claims of Gupta state capture after Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas and former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor claimed the Guptas offered them ministerial roles. I hadn't thought about this in years and years and did an ancestry dna test and boom, this guy was my top hit.. cheap jerseys wholesale

cheap china jerseys I can overstate how exciting it was to be able to take care of people in their greatest hour of need, which is I think the greatest privilege in life. What you don't see is what is going on inside their bodies, and the bodies of your pet. Months pass and once Keira arrives at the new sanctuary she learns that her dark siblings haven been idle and instead drew plans to finish the job they were hired to do. cheap china jerseys

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wholesale nfb jerseys Fun is not something one considers when taking on a huge project, but I have to admit, this DOES put a smile on my face.Edit 8: Continuing the upload to Mega as we speak. After breakfast my daughter and I strap on our backpacks. Now for the climate change and evolution. wholesale nfb jerseys

One must follow a healthy diet and perform hip exercises that have been suggested by the physiotherapist. These Creeks where also known as the "Red Sticks". When I started running in Winter 2016/2017, my easy pace was in the 13 min/mile range. Many of the techniques that you learned in gym class are now considered pass and downright risky.

cheap authentic jerseys Before we get into the actual technical part of the instructable, let me give you the best piece of advice that I can give you when it comes to ANY tech; "Don't spend a dime to save a nickel." I'm going to focus on a building an XBMC/KODI media streamer in this write up. cheap authentic jerseys

We love America," Booker wrote. There not so much money in that (several hundred to a bit over a thousand credits per day). In no way is that a document that any financial transaction should be based on; it the equivalent of me writing a letter saying YOU are worth $100m and then you using that, rather than bank statements, proof of income/assets, etc.

Working conditions, particularly for those in vulnerable positions. The best thing you can do is to talk to the person at the auto parts store when you buy the belt and ask them for tips on how to install that particular belt. It is day. He had no grave, no memorial, nothing to mark his passing in the great river of time, nothing to show that he had ever been here, that he had ever mattered.

cheap jerseys china But Macron's visit should provide a lesson for Democrats: It's amazing what you can accomplish when you treat the president of the United States with the respect and dignity his office deserves. I sleep, rinse and repeat. 11 attacks brought home the horrors of terrorism cheap nfl jerseys.

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White House spokesman Josh Earnest cited the declining numbers of ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria as evidence that the Obama administration's strategy is working in those countries. However, I wouldn't use weights or machines because I could build muscle, which would result in more weight.

cheap jerseys supply Albert Pujols is a charitable man. Christianity As Christianity gained power, old Pagan holidays and festivals were renamed to honor early Christian martyrs. Look for patterns in the scatterplot. If we went with someone like Ancelotti for example, he come in, tell the dead wood to fuck off, buy who we need (provided the board give him the funds but that a whole other debate) and get the team performing again, at least enough to get us back into that top 4 because it would look good on himself. cheap jerseys supply

Now that, theoretically, we could each have a profile that can identify us solely by our DNA, many people are worried about how that profile might be used.. I don think anyone is to blame for the war per se. Alternatively a shorter narrower spring is offered by Adventure Sport along with the sleeve.

Hard work does not pay off. Red blood cells are vital because they allow nutrients to be transported in the blood stream, so the skeleton plays a major role in the nutritional side of survival that we need to survive.. "The cars are just brand new and they're clean; you get the same model every time so you don't have to figure out how to try a new model.

cheap ncaa jerseys "Because that was the way they did it in their school". 20 points submitted 16 days agoThis who situation is a headache. While we might think this would be helpful, I certain the developers would not. One woman wrote, think there is about to be a stink here in Jasper bigger than the Byrd ordeal!!! seemingly referring to the 1998 racial stand off in Jasper between members of the Ku Klux Klan and Black Panthers.. cheap jerseys china

cheap football jerseys When the light goes off it's time to put the Hermit Crabs food dish with their food in it into the enclosure. The scores are coming. I'm done with the opponent finding the only fucking route that my defense can't cover and running that same shit the entire time. cheap football jerseys

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With that kind of money, A Rod could buy the Texas Rangers' entire starting lineup.. Go behind a musical instrument shop, you will find guitar strings, beauty supply places you will find beauty supplies. Although there is no confirmation on how long the HD3 battery will last, the HD2 allows users to talk for up to 380 minutes with 490 hours of standby using the GSM setting..

The DPRK state gains its legitimacy in a similar way as pre modern Japan emperor or monarchic European nations with the Divine Right of Kings. Masked Marth, the Dovahkiin. It should have been the third out. Yes, guns do make it easier to commit a mass murder, especially in a zone where the bad guy is the only one armed.

cheap jerseys Adding a weight to the strings will help hold the balloons in place as you're driving. I just kept doing this and i was able to do a proper situp with my arms by my ears, I think it just takes practice.. The same reason might apply to why our area isn full of tributes to Confederate aligned Missouri militias and their leaders, and I totally fine with that. cheap jerseys

cheap jerseys wholesale I get there's a lot of issues with him, but I dunno I don't hate him as much as you guys. Berserk is violent and dark, but also emotional and beautiful, it has deep and interesting characters and it story is intelligent and makes you think. You are not an international coach, and that is where you need to take the responsibility like you said. cheap jerseys wholesale

cheap authentic jerseys Both sides all in again, but this time, blue side gets outplayed fairly badly and loses, so red side gets a kill. I think it would be something they could consider in the future considering epic is worth 500+ million and growing, the money to support the teams is and will be there cheap ncaa jerseys.

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I don understand though, why people were expecting SG 1 or SGA when it was clear that this is an online series. I was hoping that I could inform a couple people on what I learned last week, too! Thanks for reading!. In addition to that, a big advantage of not showing the character face is that it lets the player imagine what they look like.

wholesale jerseys Im moving out soon, so if this doesn work I might leave it until I have a better setup of my own.. If someone in your house has been the focus or target of the demonic activity from the start, see the next section on how to get rid of a demonic attachment.. wholesale jerseys

And don be afraid to learn new characters! Its one of my main reasons for picking up Sm4sh every once and a while (I play melee mainly now). But that's where it begins and ends. Youngest children are punished least of all the birth orders. Here's a fantastic way to enter into this position.

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And even if its prey stays out of the water, crocodiles can suddenly leap from the depths at speeds up to 30 mph, snatch an animal with its jaws and drag it under water!. From barf to boogers to zits, this book explains them all. Kitchen designs from the mid 20th century (1940s 1960s) are coming back in vogue, particularly because of the feelings they evoke.

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wholesale jerseys Why Holidays Like Valentine's Day Cause LonelinessAs obvious as the answer to this question may be to some people, there are those who don't quite understand why Valentine's Day and other holidays cause loneliness and depression. However, this dishonest act also exposes a company to potential risk of loss that can eventually lead it to bankruptcy (Albrecht, 2012). wholesale jerseys

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wholesale nfb jerseys The aircraft then departed Sea Tac and set course for Reno, Nevada. I fail to see how on earth that does anything to "change" behaviour. "Some day you'll own a Chevrolet," advised one ad, but too many shoppers ignored that fantasy, sticking with Ford or turning to other makes.. wholesale nfb jerseys

But why, wondered the scientists studying this phenomenon, would these specialized receptors exist in the first place? The most plausible answer was that opioid receptors exist due to the presence of an opiatelike substance produced naturally in the body..

cheap nfl jerseys It can get really twisted there. But what was their rationale "hopefully iota tangle will have sharding once we start developing mainnet", that really paid off.I don't follow Oyster religiously. After that, I spent a couple days reading in the Machinery Handbook chapter on EDM, going through the machine help menus learning what the different G and M codes do, and learning about the materials we machine while waiting for the part to be done.. cheap nfl jerseys

Put the thing in the ground 2m when it's 3m high or make a concrete founding. This obviously varies greatly by mediums and their spirit teams as well as by abilities. You are completely in control of your weight.. \d means any integer, \ means just, but is also used so note a range of letters or numbers, so it has to be escaped.

In this hub, I will be discussing in detail, how autumn leaves can be preserved using Silica Gel, but before that I would like to mention here, that it is not the only one method available. So even if there is a privacy issue, in an immediate sense, it only involves the relative and the database.

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Fretting about the "correct" way to learn is a way of procrastination. This latest finding is an unseemly, disturbing window into a corrupt office, and yet more evidence that Hillary Clinton has been lying from the beginning and by any reasonable definition attempted to obstruct the investigation of the FBI.".

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cheap jerseys china We got five record stores here in Rochester NY that treat it like it should be treated a chance to get some cool new shit, people talking to each other, enjoying it for what it supposed to be. The only good explanation that I have for possibly getting over that fear (which I have not been able to yet, but I working on it) is that whomever you decide to form a relationship with, it not your fault if they can handle your "crazy", as you said. cheap jerseys china

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Him being against it does suck, however he like to leave it up to the states to decide not make it illegal. 1 point submitted 14 hours agoI been critical of John more Flacco, actually. I just ordered a tub of Mystery Flavor, which (according to Woody latest Day in the Life video) mixes well with the other flavors (like Blood Orange, to make a Cremesicle flavor).

cheap jerseys china Yet countless times she proven otherwise.. Actress Danielle Fishel ("Boy Meets World") is 37. No penalty. And I have a better chance of winning in a 720S or P1 that I pulled from a silver or gold crate than Stephen Piscotty at bat against vintage Tom Effing Seaver.. cheap jerseys china

Stancic's erstwhile MS specialist lost all interest in her recovery when she revealed she was off all drugs and healed herself with a Whole Foods, Plant Based diet, and in the process dropped all her medications. Something happened during that time period and we'll probably never learn what, but she changed shortly after.Ultrajante 2 points submitted 23 hours agoRemind me again when that was? Wasn't it after ITZ? Or was it after Britney? Cause if it was after Britney then i don't think it's what changed her, ITZ it's her most personal album yet imo, she was heavily involved in its making so I think she was happy with it and what changed her was idk what but it happened after the knee thing and before blackoutAnyway, just interesting that 911 was supposedly for OD, I always thought it was for Circus or something.

cheap football jerseys So there was only one choice Isaac would have to beat him academically as well. Mileage may vary. After only a short time, Europeans began to import North American crops. It ended up swelling so much I couldn really even see out of that side, but it still wouldn pop. cheap authentic jerseys

cheap nhl jerseys Eating and carbohydrates are like drugs to the body, Eating carbohydrates is a way to alleviate anxiety symptoms. Which trees have flowers, fruits, or nuts? Which trees are home to animals?Step 4: As the seasons change, keep a record of which trees' leaves change color and fall off, and which trees are the first to leaf out in the spring cheap mlb jerseys.
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