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Inscrit le: 18 Fév 2008
Messages: 546
Localisation: besançon

MessagePosté le: 05 Fév 17 à 19:55 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

Mobilisation nationale pour entretenir notre terrain en vue des jpo et big game
presence fortement requise !!!!
Tronçonneuse visseuse et tout objet pour permettre la restructuration du terrain son de rigueur !!!!
10h 17h on compte sur vos petite main pour arriver a faire de grandes choses
merci d avance
ps :buvette offerte pour les travailleurs Wink

a moi la puissance du DM9
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Inscrit le: 19 Aoû 2015
Messages: 231
Localisation: BONNETAGE

MessagePosté le: 05 Fév 17 à 20:08 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

On joue l'après midi ?
Ou remise en état du terrain toute la journée ?

Man of mayhem Twisted Evil
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Inscrit le: 12 Nov 2015
Messages: 431
Localisation: Abergement La Ronce (Dole)

MessagePosté le: 05 Fév 17 à 21:06 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

Absent, suis de garde

De la Bouillasse et de la boulasse
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rolle yannick

Inscrit le: 20 Juin 2012
Messages: 409

MessagePosté le: 06 Fév 17 à 18:07 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

je suis surcharger de travail,je garanti rien mais je vais essayer de passe,je peus vous faire tombee,tous ce que vous voulez rapidement et debiter les grosses section,plus je pourrais pas Embarassed

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Inscrit le: 14 Mai 2012
Messages: 983
Localisation: Dole

MessagePosté le: 08 Fév 17 à 13:19 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

Je serai la
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Inscrit le: 19 Aoû 2015
Messages: 231
Localisation: BONNETAGE

MessagePosté le: 11 Fév 17 à 08:51 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

Présent !

Man of mayhem Twisted Evil
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Inscrit le: 29 Mai 2014
Messages: 282
Localisation: BESANCON

MessagePosté le: 11 Fév 17 à 11:57 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

Salut les gars. Désolé de ne pas être disponible en ce moment. Je vais essayer de venir demain matin...
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Inscrit le: 18 Fév 2008
Messages: 546
Localisation: besançon

MessagePosté le: 11 Fév 17 à 18:12 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

Prenez vos couvert pour le repas du midi !!!!

a moi la puissance du DM9
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MessagePosté le: 29 Avr 18 à 09:19 Répondre en citantRevenir en haut de page

They continue to survive harsh winters in 75 F weather without modern heating or homes. You can even go to sleep and it will play all night! Costs $10.99 per game, or $150.00 to buy the program for all the games. The bigger the display, the heavier your laptop will be.

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I followed endurance sports for my entire life and there is so little money involved relative to the major professional sports that I be shocked if it weren happening at a super high level in the NFL and they just don want the negative press like baseball had to deal with after the era..

With safe bathing for kids in the tidal pool it's a great family outdoor spot. She also an unproportionate magnet for both random 5L drops and Tabula Rasa, as well as Chayula breaches (of which, again, the templar has seen zero this league).Kingdom Death: Monster Yeah, it new.

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I think I their only white friend.. Then you make it back and everyone is happy to see you "Shane good to see you man, we missed you." But you numb by that point just consumed. An unlocked door is 100% noticeable in those cars. But there is a concern that black culture is being lost in this transition, with becoming the model to emulate..

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THE HARDER THEY TRY TO SILENCE HIM, THE LOUDER I WILL BECOME 1962There is no longer anything I can fear. Believing that Jack Frost was smiling down on them by miraculously populating the boot with this device of wonder, Neil soon realised that he was actually the target of Mr.

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Gradual and slow stretching tends to be effective solution in such cases.. But if the goal is to analyze the effect, not just to congratulate ourselves, more care is needed.. Without enough fluids, the bodily functions get hampered. It's like they honestly don't test before they implement it.

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The only thing that has become increasingly americanised is probably film and television. Unfortunately, due to the age and high mileage on the car, Vonne could only sell it for about R80 which would not settle the R156 outstanding debt. I did see a few people watch from the inside of the Neon Garage, and I did a bit during practice, but the views aren that great and you no where near as high up as a grandstand..

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I had already taught them fingerspelling and many of the formal signs, and had seen benefits in their social and linguistic development and in their school progress. You can easily find these supplements in pharmacies or health food stores. She has to go to an Islamic judge in a Muslim country, or a sharia council in non Muslim countries, to seek a judicial decree on specific grounds to be free.

While shadow shaman and Willow offer those things to an extent, I think jakiro is a bit more carry like in the sense that he has good stats and he a bit tanky (although slow Ms and turn rate). Sim, porque caixa recebe pouco.. For whatever reason, if you don know him personally, or aren currently touring he won even take a phone call from you.

Within a few years both of his solutions were published. Again you may not care about this. Go Fund Me and Indiegogo are both crowd funding websites which rely greatly on sharing your need on social media. Again, the stool softener will keep things moving, but your poo will be anything but soft.

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I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. To top that off my parents gave me the hardest chores around the house to do ( it was a big ass house as my father was doing well at his job.

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He epitomizes that per fesks. You should use a stand alone downloader. Im not saying whether or not theyre correct, but this is the kind of elitism that Im talking about, you have an opinion, which is fine, but youre imparting onto any deviation whatsoever from that opinion evil and bad intentions anyone who disagrees with you must either be racist themselves or excusing racism.

The portability is a game changer. Although seemingly a symantec difference, it is not. If I used an analogy like, "humans consume food like tapeworms", some people would rightly say no they don and others would think that tapeworms chew and internally digest food.

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We'll tell you about Citadel Theatre's "Silver Arrow".. Usually not playing the set of wave clear heroes. (I guess it only works for girls, HA!) But You can drip it in the locket. Plus like you said game 7 happened.. If any investor had to put the rest of his money into something it would never be a league team because the risk is just way too high.

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If you are in one of the privileged groups (and most of us are in at least one privileged group "privilege" isn an insult or an attack, it just a description) you don usually have to think about that aspect of your life it almost vanishes for you.

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Second of all, there is a difference between the obey the rich earn, and what the businesses earn. And it is under that big oak tree where an old man in coveralls is often spotted. Scorpions were hated when films like Clash of The titans first came onto the Big Screens across the world, even though most of us had never seen one and vacations top places around the world where scorpions lived, such as Portugal, became frequently scary..

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Some good advice here. Considered a headquarters for gangs in the southern states, Memphis has upwards of 200 different gangs, comprising thousands of members. You can say Noel is low priority for celtics but I disagree as he is an exact fit for what they need to be contenders.

It not really. When most people in the city were sleeping, giving them no time to leave the buildings. Hey man. Selv om de sosialistiske kreftene i Venezuela ikke har gjort alt riktig blir det feil gi dem all skylden for det som foregr der i dag. Here you'll find a series of Old Testament worksheets which I have created.

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