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Inscrit le: 29 Mai 2014
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Oui moi, mais si on est que deux, faudra revoir le planning
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Inscrit le: 12 Nov 2015
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on fera ce qu'on pourra. Smile

De la Bouillasse et de la boulasse
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Inscrit le: 12 Nov 2015
Messages: 431
Localisation: Abergement La Ronce (Dole)

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1 ancienne structure démontée. On a récupéré toutes les planches réutilisables pour en remonter une.

La grosse structure est plaquée intégralement.

On a viré les vieilleries dangereuses, reste à voir ce qu'on fait de la structure branlante avec le plancher pour audacieux.

Toutes les palettes pleines réutilisables regroupées en divers endroits pour ne pas gêner le jeu.

Evacuation de déchets métalliques qui traînaient par ci par là.

Toujours autant de mouton sur la zone de jeu. On en a trouvé sur l'aire d'accueil. Ils passent par dessus la clôture dans le trou tout à gauche dans l'axe du chalet côté speed palette. Il a même fallu en décoincer un qui s'est pris la tête dans les mailles de la clôture en voulant se sauver. J'ai remarqué que le fil barbelé était coupé côté droit du grand terrain. A-t'il lâché ou quelqu'un l'a-t'il coupé ???

De la Bouillasse et de la boulasse
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Inscrit le: 18 Fév 2008
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Bon boulot merci a vous 3 ! je passe demain soir faire le point

a moi la puissance du DM9
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Anything about you that is worth something to them they will try to use for their own benefit, even subconsciously. When Joseph was brought to Egypt, he was sold to Potiphar, a married eunuch. However, did you know it may be the foods in your diet that are causing that stubborn belly fat to stick around? Fortunately, there are many foods that you can add to your diet that will help shed your belly fat in addition to regular exercise and a healthy diet..

I debated following the blackladies sub, but it seems like so many people who post there aren black or ladies. The adoptive parents none.. I never heard anything like this.". I am very proud of all our staff, from our on air presenters, reporters and commentators, to all those who have worked tirelessly behind the camera and the mic.

It is believed that the Easter Bunny came to the United States some time during the eighteenth century, brought to the new country by German immigrants in New York and Pennsylvania. Little refresher but what ended up happening was that both New Jersey and Ottawa used their forwards to take away space for the Leafs defenceman and get them to panic.

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The time to stop ignoring the vaccine link is here. They are reluctan Obama W reluctant to send troops. Get out. "His music represents what you can actually do.". Her clever barbs and scathing commentary elevated her to the level of notoriety shared by the A listers she covered many of whom are now remembering her fondly."Loved Liz Smith.

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This was because the plane looked as though the wings were backwards in relation to the direction it was flying. Inside, a shining trophy stands upon a pedestal. Sometime people have valuable merchandise and use storage units because of space limitations at home.

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Just make sure you absolutely sure of the parking rules for your street. When shows like South Park or Family Guy, for instance, poke fun at religion, ridicule faith, or make a joke out of Jesus, that can have a huge impact on a viewers religious perspective (especially a young one).

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When they finally found out the board members summarily fired him and the police charged him with fraud and grand larceny I think). As this can take a while, such matches usually last for days; and if the teams have not had the opportunity to bat for their two full innings by a certain time (usually 5 days at the international level), the match is a draw.

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Bone pipes are common, however, and are filled with caterpillars or tree grubs.. 5629: To amend the Federal Crop Insurance Act and Food Security Act of 1985 to enact reforms to farm subsidies and crop insurance called for in President Trump's budget for fiscal year 2019.

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As much as I am tempted to do that (and trust me, that been "threatened" on both sides when we couldn agree on times), it would be really annoying and it too much shuttling of the kids around. Also, as someone who also has a Xbox One and powerful PC, I definitely still play all my shooters on console.

14 points submitted 21 days agoToto paints the rosy and bright picture while Arrivabene paints the dark and doom picture. If you want to be PC you should find new terms that don use a person race. The teeth will still rip at you a bit but they wont be able to bite down the same they would if they got a hold of your arm or legs sideways.

It seemed like Blizzard didn even notice this until Snillo did an interview on his favorite pulse target being Winston. Human brains are absurdly complex and people tend to look over the fact that it does basically everything for us that isn an automated body function like digestion or breathing.

When I started having heel pain many years ago, the first thing I did was get new therapeutic footwear new brands, new styles, everything. What could set us completely apart is having two or three of that calibre of players to compete with the big three European teams..

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Insurance paid $85,867 for the drug.. Politics seems counter to survival these days. I ended up with a level 3 character in a group of level 5 characters once and it was so incredibly boring to play. Companies have entire teams to represent their image.

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The fourth amendment of the constitution GUARANTEES that my privacy is secured. I tried again months later, different counselor. She was obviously abused. During his decades long career, baseball announcer Harry Caray called the shots for the St. There was thisstant pain O being told no, no, no.

Making the 500 the only oval in the calendar might raise the prestige of the event, but it would feel disconnected to the rest of the series if it were the only one.. Back and front. In addition to that, internships will be your best bet as far as applying what you learn..

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They kept to themselves and were considered an honest and well meaning folk with no malice against the public or the Pyncheons. UK cops are trained specifically to retreat or back down to defuse a situation and avoid harm to anyone involved (suspects, bystanders, and the officers themselves)..

But still, it is impossible to say that everybody will be successful. He had a fine year offensively too, but his batting average sank to.255, and he'd place 8th in the AL MVP voting.. But Nelson Jr. [On Saturday, he ran the fourth fastest 800 meters by an American high school runner, 1:47.74, in the Virginia Group AAA state meet in Richmond.].

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It would not have been the same if the withheld evidence had not come to light.. Reporter: Suggesting it takes 40 seconds to input an address. No te ofendas, pero que tu no sepas que tu medio est vendido no significa que no lo est. Then the FIA change the rules to reduce cornering speeds and make the sport more competitive.

26 points submitted 10 days agoHe all time scorer after nearly twice as many caps as the guys he surpassed (Zamorano Salas) tho. Be patient with a full time to even when things may be getting worse for a little while. Theres another highlight from today of Eli extending the play, stepping up and somehow getting the ball to Shepard while getting absolutely annihilated.

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I explained how I had found them and they didn't seem to mind. We'll also take a look at why drink tables make sense and how you would set one up. At a certain point it pretty pathetic to see multiple mls fans drag that issue on, into unrelated topics.

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Did they go with green if nope. Some of the world greatest snooker players, such as Ronnie and Judd Trump, even prefer to flick the side on during the follow through.. Now the United States and most of the industrialized world have what they call, "JUST IN TIME", which means that the factories, warehouses and stores do not carry back stock and excess inventory and only order it when they are out.

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Discounts are available on new releases and also covers extras like popcorn and soda to ensure an impressive movie experience.. I recently had a game on a TSL Earth map as Australia, and I encountered her rather early. Great tailgate location aside, the hobbyist home brewers behind Fulton Brewery also offer a taste of "the freshest beer in the Twin Cities for free." Jeff was more than happy to take advantage of this deal on $24 in 24, sampling a handful of the best brews, like the Sweet Child of Vine IPA and Worthy Adversary Russian Imperial Stout at no charge.

In 2 years we will take part in the Rugby world cup. You can also use UDP or any other transport protocol. I guarantee you will also see record sales numbers with the Pixel 2. I think peacocks are very lovely creatures. That said, you do start with leather armor as a druid, so unless your DM said otherwise, your AC would be 11+DEX mod if you wore that.

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I know. They went after people who would fill holes on the roster while attacking positions of need by signing/drafting multiple players at said position, hoping that a few of them stick.The Eagles also went aggressive after paying their key players as well.

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I know when a flare up is coming and I'm able to prevent a huge outbreak.. It seems that while Sony is concentrating solely on the games market, Oculus and Facebook are looking at a bigger demographic. Just because ppl are old are drink and smoke and eat terribly, doesn't mean that those things are good for you.

The brain is nothing to be messed with.. He literally says 'Yoink!' every time he does it. The next grade down from pure gold is 22 karat (22k) gold (.916), which is somewhat harder but is still easily worn away, especially if in contact with gold of lower grades.

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2 points submitted 7 months agoI replied to your query about it, I not doing so I only singled it out once and then gave you a reply on why I like her as a player and as a competitor.To claim she a person who treats other people poorly is a bit much tbh.

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Rodriguez is a 14 time All Star, has over 500 career home runs and won the World Series with the Yankees in 2009.. She not making decisions for her own benefit or well being, she basically giving orders for us to better ourselves, sometimes even when we don want it.

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We weren't, we went to a soccer game and had some drinks. "It is clear to the board and me that a review by the attorney general's office can provide the answers people need."Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette agreed to take on a "review, report and recommendation" of what happened at the university, he said in a statement.John Manly, an attorney representing more than 100 women in civil lawsuits, said the move was "too little, too late.""The only reason Ms.

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If you need to dump resources quickly, guild fort storage is the best choice, followed by spending it on yourself, then sending to a guild mate, then donating to the guild (although donating to the guild first is a good idea if you haven done that daily task yet).

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We got the technology to know where we supposed to strike. The late 19th Century witnessed a different type of genocide perpetrated on the Indian. They were afraid of situations like in Europe where wars were caused by different denominations of believers, which must've seemed a bit ridiculous when it's Christians fighting among themselves, and even more so when it's Protestants fighting other Protestants.

But once I did, we wanted to judge the strength compared to the right leg.So we created a test where we marked the maximum range that I get on my left. You can choose an empty baby food jar or a short drinking glass and put the candle in it. I have to choose between two wonderful and truly wonderful options.

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Sprouting items like beans, seeds, grains and nuts, not only prolongs the food item but is a very nutritious thing to eat. You may feel enormous guilt towards the loss of your loved one. Everyone is different. Base cost to an employer is roughly 1.5x salary, so you cost them 150k, and assume they expect the employee to contribute to the profit line so their expected output value is $200k.

cheap nhl jerseys At which point I told him I was leaving. Does it bother you that the very same people clamoring for this wall regularly watch the video of Reagan demanding that Gorbachev "tear down this wall" and get misty while willfully ignoring the irony? Do you wonder why the very people who are most disadvantaged by these officials continue to elect them? If you answered yes to any of those questions you have unrestrained nationalism, demagoguery, and populism to blame. cheap nhl jerseys

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No it's not the prototypical ladder match and no you won't see numerous amazing leaps. Because they travel this path "through" certain constellations, these constellations have been singled out as special and symbolic. The reason why we own AR 15 and other similar firearms is because it provides us with such overwhelming firepower as to virtually ensure our survival under the most extreme of circumstances.

cheap jerseys china But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. Rapid insertion was made possible by increasing use of helicopters.. The TBI said a preliminary investigation reveals the suspect, Lakeem Keon Scott, 37, may have targeted individuals and officers after being troubled by recent incidents involving African Americans and law enforcement officers in other parts of the country. cheap ncaa jerseys

cheap mlb jerseys Although i not sure if Knox has as high of a ceiling as Tatum, and i not sure if he will take off as fast as Tatum did or not. Each account was $10,000 of real money. Regardless of the motivation, they all work together to develop common techniques and procedures. cheap mlb jerseys

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This is wasted "time" during your stroke when your arms are in the water, but you not catching water or beginning a pull. All accessories included minus one mouth piece. The Shahadah serves both a religious and political purpose. A Lantern Carrier is as human as you and I, for we are the helpers if we open our hearts to it.

At the end of the esophagus, the lower esophageal sphincter lets the food into the stomach. Yet it seems sort of radical now for women who aren't for Hill to say I'm not voting for someone because they have a vagina. He definitely not "lacking self awareness" like so many people on here think.

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Has been a coach, a mentor and a great friend. Sudden shift of love and care towards the sibling may not be taken positively by the child. Generally speaking, decision making can be broken down into two distinctive pieces. After making the classic, Straight Outta Compton, with the iconic group, NWA, Cube really made a name for himself going solo.

Next time you will prefer to stay home rather than taking them anywhere they don't want to go. Teaching the AI how do hit and runs or raids would really level up their war fighting capability. Under such circumstances, the skin appears blotchy, which can be a cause of cosmetic concern.

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cheap jerseys wholesale In 2008, I just got started in IT. "Calc()" function has four arguments, first two arguments need no explanation. They were kind, and asked me if I had a favorite song I sang around the house. Confusion, nausea, headache and loss of consciousness are some of the immediate symptoms of concussions, but they can also have longer lasting effects. cheap jerseys wholesale

Selected "ADB device"; then chose "Google" from the manufacturer list and on the right pane chose ADB ver 8.0. One of the few cases we know the patient's name was a woman called Claire Sylvia who received a heart and lung transplant in the 1970s from an eighteen year old male donor who had been in a motorcycle accident.

cheapjerseys He replied he would be glad to, IF he was allowed to actually take over again and produce them like he did in the beginning. Also have a sentence or two of what you could have done better game wide.. Easy Origami Kits For KidsThere are many origami starter kits available, and most are suitable for kids in the 8 to 10 year age group. cheapjerseys

wholesale football jerseys He also played on records by the Byrds, Herb Alpert and Phil Spector, Rolling Stone said.. For now I need to go get ultrasounds every 6 months but they said maybe after the next one I won need to go do it anymore. I have never seen The Godfather Family tape. wholesale football jerseys

cheap jerseys china On November 15 I created a lesson to use for Thanksgiving I thought some of you might like to have it as a sample. Donald was clearly out. Is the other team coming away with a big ole fear shit in their shorts? You bet your candy ass it is.The National Pride:Fun fact: Georgia is a shitty country. cheap authentic jerseys

With these words, President John F. KOTF is a little controversial since he may or may not be talking about girls "giving it up" meaning their virginity. We want to know among whom? Is it among teenagers? Which would be badDoes it turn to more illicit drug use, which would be bad..

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Saul looks like a perfect example of a king, but lacks faith in God. If the back ball goes hurtling off into the far distance, you're rushing your swing. To be clear, you could run a similar build with helm of the dom and aquila, but it far less efficient in terms of getting to radiance and slots, imo.

cheap jerseys wholesale If someone can hack your credit card they will. Put it like this: Valve couldn do it and make it profitable. Some won make much since even to me looking back though.. You would expect SOMETHING in the song to be ironic, but none of it is. We can say all we want, moan and cry about injustice. cheap jerseys wholesale

Missionaries banned the sport, and the islands' native population declined in the face of an influx of colonists. Jose Bautista established power hitterJoey Bats is a productive bat though. It insane. But you can add four conductor shielded pickups for series, parallel and split coil variations..

Sorry, was at work. Garlic, called bawang is a frequent seasoning in the Philippines. I think Rick and Carl both dying by means that showed everyone they could go about things another way and made all of them commit to that idea would have been a fitting end to the series with them walking down the road holding hands..

I doubt that the case in the US. In some cases, such as with cancer drugs, Phase I research can happen in a patient population. If a woman doesn want to be a mom she can choose not to be. For children or shorter distance practice, you can cut to 3 feet or even 2 feet.

Many clinics also treat mental illness on a sliding scale basis. Targeting children with gambling mechanics. I've done something about the Art but the piano and the German remain untended!. Really good for reliability and you can get one in your price range.

cheap mlb jerseys Who are partnered up with a home based business are women. Even if you have to repeat a mantra to yourself in the mirror every morning and night, you can't lose sight of your long term goals.. And get rid of property taxes? Come on. The other student asked him to stop, but he had thrust his hands around his neck. wholesale jerseys china

cheap baskball jerseys Someone once said auto racing began when the second car was built. Tortuga TavernIf you are around for lunch through early afternoon, this might be a fun option. Fargo, Minot, Grand Forks, Mayville, etc are still minimum wage towns where there is NOTHING but retail, fast food and dillybar dipping! Homlessness has increased in these towns because so many people believe the lies about ND about being properous and if they can make it in the oilfields, they come to the other areas and find poverty and the typical lowages of a right to work state like ND! Rents in Fargo equal or almost equal to those of the Twin Cities, but wages aren The wealth of the Oilfields are NOT share with every NorthDakotan either. cheap baskball jerseys

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cheap jerseys wholesale It so self assured and pretentious and is really just a way for them to wank each other off and feel good about the "tough choices" they make. Edit: I tired of the MN sports fans biggest "hoorah" every season being the failure of the teams we hate rather than our own teams accomplishments cheap jerseys wholesale.

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The truth is somewhere in the middle. Look for a.320 average, 25 HRs, 130 runs, 90 RBIs, and 50 steals next season.. I made like 2.15 + tips, I don't get paid to clean up this projectile puke pizza party in the bathroom. If one needs something to save a day they've rued, that word must signify something negative indeed!.

A tool to protect your livestock.Again (I bias obviously) I don see any reason why kids can learn about guns/gun safety at a very early age. According to PayPal, your funds are eligible for something called pass through insurance. The true, original, literary spirit of Ian Fleming's works are meticulously captured in these outstanding reprint collections published by Titan Books..

He absolutely an elitely educated person but he always talked like he was a guy you ran into at the gas and go. If you think you do your best work in a beanbag chair, make that known as well.. And because of that because the writing so good and so quirky in it's so dangerous and it's so funny and it so.

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Birth of Cu Chulainn Conchobar was the first to rise in the morning. You make some great points. Since you register your Wii's location, it also knows what you're looking for in the way of a local forecast.. And yeah, she looks tired, but she doesn look bad, and I am sure that if she didn feel up to it she wouldn have.

cheapjerseys For instance, the freezing point of water containing approximately 30% concentration of calcium chloride solution is around 67 degree Fahrenheit, which is significantly lower than its normal freezing point. "Yes? That means yes?" Maxim sat down and nodded his head. cheapjerseys

This can also be great for rulers that want to add a little bulk. Before meeting with the notary public, gather up all divorce papers that need to be notarized. Aside from the famous Ruins of St Paul's, many churches, squares and religious buildings constructed by the Portuguese are still standing throughout the city and are listed as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Macau..

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Become a Brand Ambassador and Get Cycling Stuff for FreeThere are a large amount of cycling related companies that are looking for you to assist them as a brand ambassador. Fast forward to the week after and the pain was still there. Dude I think about this all the time and it would literally be the best superpower ever.

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Before you go to buy a soundbar lets understand what is a soundbar and why you should buy it.. At the film climax, Gray is forced to choose between freeing his asylum bound wife from her torment and allowing Naomi a second chance. What if I did it with another woman who happened not to be okay with them? The only thing preventing what I did from being morally bad actions was moral luck..

If you do have a fear of hamsters you can most likely get over it by purchasing a hamster and making friends with it. I could track game for miles after I changed into a Loup Garou.. Abstract paintings, in the main, are not really for thinking about too seriously, but are usually employed for a bit of sophisticated looking art to brigten up a home or office etc, or for gazing at whilst contemplating the world.

In general, medical experts in a particular illness or condition debate and create clinical case definitions and guidelines. Evans and his team found that stress also damages a child's ability for self control, which leads to a higher body mass index as a teen.Evans examined children who were dealing with stressful situations, such as poverty, single parenthood, housing problems and domestic violence.

From this exit you are only 5 minutes from the park. A common Roman treatment for toothache was gargling with a mouthful of urine one's own or that of someone else, presumably. Once the bag was hooked up, it took about an hour and fifteen minutes to finish.

wholesale football jerseys Packaging the Gift and Instant GratificationThe downside to magazine subscription buying is the "instant gratification" response that tangible gift giving demonstrates. "I often get asked what young people should be doing. Now still, you tumble those all, now the parties that helped you tumble those coins and yourself still have to worry about how to cash them out anonymously. wholesale football jerseys

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Levitt moved the operation to the Silver Spring warehouse a year and a half ago, and it's already near capacity. If you spend a lot of money on something like a specialty tile or countertop that you really like, it may not hold the value for a potential buyer.

cheap jerseys supply There is no way to explain this away; this is just a complete contradiction.. They like cops, without the perks.Source: EMT B for a year. The resolution bump is noticeable and overall I think the Odyssey looks better, but the Rift isn so much worse that I feel like I missing out when going back to it cheap jerseys supply.

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I been here 4 years now in Vancouver and can honestly say I never been a huge fan. Adding about 450 grams to a warm bath will have simaliar affects with the added relaxation benefit of a warm bath.. The wild have been my second favorite team since they joined the league, so I was salty about this too.

cheap jerseys Properly conceived, shooting a rifle in competition is similar to hitting a tennis ball, swinging a bat, or shooting a basketball. Many new firearms come with locks, while most older guns don't. Sight and it's because we let me. That a big decision that neither of us took lightly, so we had lots of big conversations that were quite uncomfortable (especially after just two months!). cheap jerseys

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cheap authentic jerseys Many narcissists have antisocial tendencies as well.. The article doesn't say that. The capacity of the stadium is 90,000 seated fans and it has already been a host of two Champions League Final matches. What do I do?What Is Boot Camp?How does HubPages define spam?What is the criteria for Featured articles?Advertising Terms GlossaryWhat are impressions?What does CPM mean?Google AdSense on HubPagesHow do I sign up for Google AdSense?I am a first time Google AdSense applicant. cheap football jerseys

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5. Now, imagine the same room has 8 walls all at 45 degrees. At the end of the film. The 23 year Getty Images veteran is using underwater robotic cameras at the Rio Olympic Games during a series of aquatic events, including swimming, diving and synchronized diving.

cheap chian jerseys On of the main problems tho is, in a lot of states, a good guy can take an AR 15, list it online for a private sale, check a guys ID, and give him the gun for cash. Furthermore, the effects of altitude are unpredictable. I said everything wrong. This situation is very sad. cheap ncaa jerseys

She totally knew what she was doing when she said "I need to see you in my office asap". Determined but nervous in maintaining his innocence. Think all of this through because it can be stressful. He said he would take me away for a few days to clear my head.

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My recommendation for what you're describing would to be to make a mobile optimized web page that shows what you want. As long as they check that someone else isn missing their poor puppers then I am fine. Be prepared to pay a little more if you buy from e bay.

You have wasted too many of the best years of your life pining for someone who does not feel the same way about you. I want him to do well, but with Robertson being such a revelation I would rather get another LB to fight with Robertson, than keeping Moreno.ashinator 9 points submitted 7 days agoIn theory yes, however, for now with his meteoric rise from a sub to a starter in one season is a big load for a young guy.

The wild animals in the United States that are the biggest rabies carriers are bats, raccoons, skunks, coyotes, and foxes. You may also use these images on blogs or Web sites, as long as you provide a link to this page and DO NOT group the images into a collection and distribute them, either free or for a fee.

cheap authentic jerseys But know I love you guys and I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to dine with me. I will be starting work on it soon and will post pictures.. The important thing here is that it ten times harder to fix a bad habit than it is to avoid getting into one in the first place cheap authentic jerseys.
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